Intro to Fire drill training Samanl
The tutor will first let us understand the types and usage of various fire-fighting equipment, the order of evacuation, and then let us operate and use fire extinguishers.
Exhibition Customer Photo
Exhibition Customer Photo
Intro to In 2020, the company group built Nanji Island Samanl
At that time, our business team got a list from an American customer. The boss decided to take our group to Nanji Island
Self-adhesive hook comparison video: SAMANL hook VS ordinary hook on the market
This is a comparison video of self-adhesive hook products.We found a very cheap hook on the market.Today we will take a look at the difference between this hook and our products.First of all, starting from the whole, you can see that the surface of this ordinary hook is very frizzy, rough, and there are bubbles of different sizes; look at our SAMANL hook, not only the surface is smooth, but there are no bubbles, because our company has strict quality control Control system, frizzy products with bubbles are inferior products, we will not sell them.Next is the size of the product:Ordinary hook products, the length is 14cm, the width is 6cm, and the thickness is 0.06cmSAMANL hook, length is 14.6cm, width is 7.1cm, thickness is 0.1cmFrom the data measurement point of view, it is a very intuitive difference, right?Maybe you will say, it's okay, and it won't affect the use.In the next video, we will update for you. The comparison video of the use of the two hooks, you can intuitively feel the difference in the use of the two hooks.
SAMANL self-adhesive hook violent test
Samanl | Custom Adhesive Hook, Holder & Rack Manufacturer | Towel Holder & Kitchen Rack WholesaleOfficial Website: Sarah@samanl.comSAMANL self-adhesive hook violent test. This is my favorite multi-purpose practical hook for hanging on the wall. Its rated load capacity is up to 5 kg. I found that it can bear a weight of more than 5 kg.When sticking the hook to the wall, you need to get rid of all the air. It must be in the presence of air isolation, so that it will stick very firmly. You can see in the video that I pulled the hook very hard, but it didn't move at all; even if it gets wet with water, it won't fall.It will not damage your walls, doors, cabinets. SAMANL's heavy-duty hooks are easy to use. Hardly any tools are needed to hang anything. The hook can be firmly fixed on a variety of indoor surfaces, including painted walls, finished wood, glass, ceramic tiles, metal, and other smooth surfaces. Remove cleanly without leaving sticky adhesive.
Video Production Process
Video Production Process

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